LDS is a Testing Management and Utilization platform that serves as a laboratory decision system. It utilizes Medical Database’s proprietary ranking algorithm and assists healthcare providers in determining the most relevant tests to select based on disease, symptoms and ICD10 Codes.

Lab Testing Guidelines

LDS scores, tests and assigns a numerical or color-coded score based on clinical relevance, medical necessity and testing indication.

Tests can be ordered by procedure, CPT code, disease or ICD10 code. Every order includes the appropriate diagnostic ICD10 code — allowing your lab or hospital to easily verify claims, improve reimbursement and increase revenue.

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LDS Benefits (Providers, Labs, Hospitals & Payers)

  • Streamlines reimbursement by matching ICD10 codes to each order/procedure.
  • Decreases healthcare costs by reducing overutilization of unnecessary tests and minimizing the number of tests sent out to reference labs.
  • Improves patient care by identifying clinically important tests, shortening the timeline to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Increases efficiency by improvement in meeting medical necessity before claims are submitted, including pre-authorization of genetic and esoteric testing.