Student Licensing

Individual subscription allows providers (students, physicians, nurses, laboratorians and managers) all over the world to access the LDS® platform for their laboratory needs. Each subscription offers full access to the LDS® platform, either through a web-based (computer) or smart phone app. In addition, upon a subscriber’s request, we will assist in integration of LDS with the subscriber’s EMR, LIMS or EHR.

Academic Pricing

free (with .edu)

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Single Licensing (annual)

$149 / yr

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Institutional Licensing & EMR and EHR Integration

Institutional licensing provides institutions (hospitals, laboratories, physician’s groups (IPAs), clinics, payers and educators) access to the LDS® platform database through direct integration (interface) with their electronic systems (EMR, EHR, LIMS and portals) offering unlimited access to their users/members.

Institutional Licensing

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EMR and EHR Integration

For EMR and EHR integration, please contact us