Medical Database

We provide unique, disease-based laboratory test selection, ordering, and interpretation software and databases to assist healthcare providers in selecting, ordering, and utilizing the tests most appropriate for each stage in the process of disease diagnosis and management.

Clinical Laboratory Decision Support System (CLDSS)

Clinical Laboratory Decision Support System (CLDSS) is a disease-based system for medical test selection, ranking, ordering, and interpretation. CLDSS encapsulates the intelligent logic of our medical database in an interactive data visualization. It utilizes our proprietary (patent pending) ranking system and enables healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, laboratorians) to correctly select the most relevant tests based on diseases, symptoms, ICD9 codes, and other available data. The ranking system scores potential tests for any given disease and assigns an easily interpretable numerical/color-coded score based on clinical relevance, medical necessity, and testing indication.

Laboratory Desk Reference™

Laboratory Desk Reference™ is a comprehensive diagnostic laboratory testing guide and interpretation system for healthcare providers and laboratorians. Content includes: test overview, test utility, interpretation, reference ranges, methodology, specimen collection, additional testing, and ICD9/ICD10 codes. For licensing information, please contact us.