Test Utilization Management

Medical Database provides reliable and updated medical information to healthcare providers, insurance companies, and educational institutions.

Laboratory Decision System

LDS is a Testing Management and Utilization platform that serves as a laboratory decision system. It utilizes Medical Database’s proprietary ranking algorithm and assists healthcare providers in determining the most relevant tests to select based on disease, symptoms and ICD10 Codes.

LDS Analytics

LDS Analytics is an enterprise analytics platform that profiles and benchmarks lab orders and remittance by physicians, practices and labs. The system is designed to check every claim and ensure the medical necessity is met to increase revenue by improving reimbursement.


LDS®Rx® is a user-friendly analytical tool that employs a sophisticated algorithm to interpret syndromic panels and antibiotic resistance, generating real-time, guideline-oriented pharmacotherapeutic recommendations according to detected microbial load and antimicrobial resistance genes.

Recent news & press releases

January 20, 2022
Medical Database Advisory Rojeet Shrestha Receives AACC Award

Medical Database Advisory Rojeet Shrestha Receives AACC Award

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October 15, 2021
Medical Database Presents at AACC 2021 Conference

Medical Database unveils groundbreaking new test utilization study

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July 21, 2021
Medical Database Integrates with Allscripts

Medical Database, Irvine, Calif, a provider of medical and laboratory test information is officially integrated with Allscripts TouchWorks

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